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Designing for you

Established in 1988, there's not much we don't know about advertising design.
Our work is designed to convince the consumer that they can trust the products which have our intelligently designed look.

Effective logos and branding, clear copy writing, logical brochures, innovative magazines and annual reports, tigthly edited promotional videos, crisp photos . . . we produce them all
- from the air or with our feet firmly on the ground.

If you want to tweak your image or have a whole new look, give us a call today.

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What drives us

"In its simplest form, a design is the distillation of complexity into its essential elements.
We also recognise that "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" (Leonardo da Vinci).
Put another way, less is more.
Through simplicity many people are able to sense your message with only the gentlest nudge.
If a feather works, leave the hammer in the toolbox."

( Justin Waldman - Creative Director @ Justin James Advertising )

Features 1

"That is my secret. It is very simple: One sees clearly only with the heart. You cannot see what is essential with your eyes."

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "The Little Prince")

Features 2

“I think curiosity about life,
in all of its aspects,
is still the secret of great creative people.”

(Leo Burnett)

Features 3

"Turnover is vanity.
Profit is sanity.
Cash is reality."

(Anonymous: simple business sense)



Stunning shots

"There is a brief moment when all there is in a man's mind and soul and spirit is reflected through his eyes, his hands, his attitude. This is the moment to record." YOUSUF KARSH (Photographer known as Karsh of Ottawa).


Our photographic experience goes back many years and ranges from flowers, plants and gardens, to sports, portraits, products, groups and events.
Using only the finest Canon cameras and top-quality lenses, Elinchrom and Canon lighting,
we are accredited worldwide Canon Professionals.

And we record the weddings of only our closest friends - sorry about that!

  • Flowers and gardens
    South Africa • Italy

    A collection of our top garden images.

  • Sports
    South Africa • Italy

    A collection of our top sports photos.

  • Portraits
    Studio 30 South Africa

    Subjects in our Studio, or outside on-site. Not always of people.

  • Products
    Studio lighting or on-site lighting

    Studio or on-site product shots - raw photographs or used with product logos and additional branding.

  • Groups
    Challenging spaces, lighting and subjects

    Groups photographed on-site with additional lighting.

  • Events
    South Africa • Italy

    Venues can be very challenging in terms of numbers, lighting, available space and unwelcome intruders.

C A M E R A S - I N - A C T I O N


What video can do for you

With four matched high-definition video camera, experienced camera operators and state-of-the-art sound-aquisition equipment, we have created a wide array of video material.

From drone footage in the sky to ground-level captures, the integration of visual material is designed to tell exactly the story you want. We will also set up YouTube and Vimeo channels for you so you can have all your material in one place.

Each of the nine video examples below demonstrate different objectives and results.
Give us a call today to produce your image in motion.

in the movie window click the HD icon if you'd like to watch the movie in high definition



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